The SV Subcommittee (SVSC)

The SIGGRAPH Student Volunteer Subcommittee, also known as the “SVSC”, is a team of six volunteers who collaborate throughout the year to plan and execute various initiatives for the Student Volunteer Program at SIGGRAPH.  All roles on the SVSC are designed to address key needs of the program, including coordinating marketing outreach, organizing email communication, establishing ties with the industry, managing Team Leaders, training/scheduling Student Volunteers, and overseeing technology (web, server-side) operations.  Aside from these primary roles, the members of the SVSC lend their skills (art, programming, writing, etc.) to each other to ease workloads and take care of miscellaneous duties as needed.  Even with all of this, the SVSC has one goal in mind: making the Student Volunteer experience a fun and memorable one for everyone involved!

Jeremy Kenisky

SIGGRAPH 2014 Student Volunteer Program Chair

Jeremy Kenisky - SIGGRAPH 2014 Student Volunteer Program ChairJeremy has over a decade of international advertising, animation, emerging tech, and media experience. In his role as Director of 3D and Interactive at Geomedia, Inc., Jeremy is responsible for day-to-day operations of the Animation, VFX, and Interactive departments. He has worked with major brands like Pepsi Co, National Geographic, and Nestle, among others.

Jeremy is the Founder of Zoo-AR, an education based Augmented Reality product that develops AR exhibits for Zoos, Aquariums, and Museums around the world.

Jeremy has volunteered for SIGGRAPH for many years, both in the US and Asia. He has held a number of roles, and Vancouver represents Jeremy’s 14th SIGGRAPH Conference.

A former academia professor, Jeremy has experience teaching story telling, game design, and technical direction to undergraduate, graduate, and professional level learners. Like many SIGGRAPH’ers, Jeremy’s career sits at the intersection of art and technology, and he’s still naïve enough to think good ideas can change the world.

Christine Holmes

SIGGRAPH 2014 Student Volunteer Program Manager
SIGGRAPH 2015 Student Volunteer Program Chair

Christine Homes - SIGGRAPH 2014 Student Volunteer Program Manager, SIGGRAPH 2015 Student Volunteer Program ChairHello! Christine Holmes here, your SIGGRAPH 2014 Student Volunteer Program Manager! This year will mark my 7th year volunteering in the SIGGRAPH community. My first SIGGRAPH conference was in 2008 as a Student Volunteer. Since then, I’ve served as a Team Leader (TL), Student Volunteer Subcommittee (SVSC) member, and as an ACM SIGGRAPH Student Services (S3) Committee member.

I’m originally from a small town in Maine, but left my beloved New England to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). After graduating with a BFA in Animation, I packed up my belongings and made my way to the West coast. I currently work as a Production Coordinator at DreamWorks Animation SKG. When not at work I like to hike, watch movies, bake sugary treats, and count down to the next SIGGRAPH conference!  What could be better than being a part of the world’s largest computer graphics conference? I’m ready for a wicked fun and exciting year in Vancouver. Are you?

Callie Holderman

Industry Relations Lead

Callie Holderman - Industry Relations LeadWhat up, SV people? This is Callie Holderman, writing to you from San Francisco, California. My SIGGRAPH debut was in New Orleans back in 2009. Since, I have worked with the SCOOP Podcasting Team, served as a Team Leader, and ran marketing for the SVSC. I’m thrilled to be your Industry Relations Lead for 2014!

After graduating from the University of Florida’s Engineering College with a degree in Digital Arts and Science, I moved all over the east coast before joining LeapFrog as Technical Producer making educational toys and games for kids. Aside from kid stuff, I enjoy sketch comedy, improv, scheming, being outdoors, and meeting new people. Can’t wait to get to know you in Vancouver!

Megan Mohler

Communications Lead

Megan Mohler - Communications LeadHi there! My name is Megan Mohler. My first SIGGRAPH experience was as a Student Volunteer for San Diego 2007. This will be my 8th year of volunteering with the SIGGRAPH Student Volunteer Program (two years as a Student Volunteer, four years as a Team Leader, one year completed on the SVSC). While my career has taken some steps away from computer graphics and interactive techniques, my love of the conference and its unique community has kept me involved.

I graduated from Purdue University (Boiler up!) with a degree in Computer Graphics Technology and a minor in Psychology. My focus was interactive multimedia and human factors. I worked for six years as an Administrative Assistant/Therapy Aide at a pediatric, occupational and physical therapy clinic. After college, I worked for an electronic medical records company and then moved on to a claims processing account. Currently, I am a Marketing Analyst for Healthgrades.

I am an avid reader and movie trailer critiquer. I enjoy board games, painting pottery and meeting new people. I look forward to meeting you all at SIGGRAPH 2014 in Vancouver!

Ashley Owens

Marketing Coordinator

Ashley Owens - Marketing CoordinatorHello hello! I’m Ashley Owens and I’m the SVSC Marketing Lead for SIGGRAPH 2014, Vancouver. I must admit, I’m super excited about this year’s conference. The SV Program has been a major yearly highlight for me since 2010, and I hope to bring that experience to all of you. This will be my sixth SIGGRAPH in the SV Program (two as a SV, three as a Team Leader, and now one as SVSC. Yes!)

I graduated with a BFA in Digital Media from UNC at Charlotte, and I’m an IT nerd and digital art junkie. By day I work as a Technical Support Analyst, by night I’m Ash to Da MAX, digital Artist. I love digital painting (any Stanley Lau or Feng Zhu fans out there?) and I love seeing new work. Feel free to share your favorite artist with me, or even better, some of your work! SIGGRAPH is full of opportunities to connect with other students and professionals who have the same passions so use it to your advantage and connect. Onward to Vancouver!

Melissa Byun

Systems Development Lead

Melissa ByunHey! My name is Melissa, and I’m writing to you from Boston MA, where I’ve been living for the past year and a half.

I first started volunteering for SIGGRAPH at Los Angeles in 2008, where I first fell in love with ETech and decided that I wanted to be an engineer. (I ended up learning some computer graphics too, although it wasn’t until my third conference that I ever touched OpenGL). Since that first SIGGRAPH, I’ve been an SV, TL and an attendee, and this year (my 7th!) will be my first on the SV Sub-Committee. 🙂

I received my undergraduate degree in computer engineering from Brown, where I learned how to build race cars, solder and write ray-tracers. These days, I work for Google as a software engineer on Android. When I’m not running around in an SV vest, I spend my time playing board games, chasing delicious eats, and dreaming about exotic places to visit.

See you guys at SIGGRAPH 2014!